Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mary Francis Flynn Curley

Today is my Grandmother’s 80th birthday. It’s amazing to think what she’s seen in her lifetime, the great depression, WWII, all that big hair!! By the time she was my age her life was pretty much set. She was living the house my grandfather built she had 4 of her five children and was just eight years from having her first of her 11 grandchildren.

The best thing about my Grandmother is she isn’t knitting baking type of Granny, she’s a party girl. She is loud, brash, and has a wicked sense of humor and I love every bit of it

Over the summer she and a friend had gone to the local 99 for lunch. The waitress came to take her drink order. My grandmother ordered a 7 and 7. Apparently the waitress wasn’t used to little old ladies drinking whiskey in the middle of the day.

“Don’t you think that will be a little heavy for you?”

Had it been about 10 years ago my Grandmother probably would have backhanded the poor girl in the back of the head like she did to me the day I asked her if she could cook when I was 7. However my Grandmother took the highroad.

“Don’t worry I’ve been doing this for a long time I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”

Scotty can you imagine her saying that to me? It was after noon for christsakes and it’s not like I was driving. And I don’t mind telling you that girl had a few miles on her.”

Tag, I'm It

I was tagged for the MEME by The Persian. The rules have something to do with listing 6 things that are weird about you or make you weird to other people. There also something about stating the rules clearly which I am obviously failing to do. I have a cold and don’t feel well so this is as much excitement that I can muster. Jim don’t take it personally.

1. I am obsessed with stray hairs in my eyebrows. If I look up and see an eyebrow hair that is not in place or growing astray I have to either cut it or pluck it immediately.

2. I am really sensitive to sounds. There are certain noises I find so annoying that I will start to have an anxiety attack if I have to listen to them any longer than a minuet. They include a ticking clock, gum being cracked, wheezing, fingernail clippers, and a pen being clicked.

3. I am allergic to apples, but I can eat them if they are cooked. This is something that I don’t think is weird, however everyone I tell usually says some thing like, “How can you be allergic to apples?” Which will prompt the response, “How the fuck would I know?”

4. I love the smell of nail polish remover. When I was little I would sit and talk to my mother when she “doing” her nails just so I could smell the remover.

5. I don’t like being touched while I’m sleeping. Every time I’ve had a new boyfriend I have asked them not to touch me while I’m sleeping because I have a habit of elbowing people in my sleep. This isn’t a conscious action. No matter how many times I explain to partner they always forget, that is until they elbowed it the gut.

6. I will eat tripe, octopus, squid, intestine, but the thought of eating boiled potatoes makes me feel sick.

I think I am supposed to virtually tag six other people, ah yeah I’m not gonna do that that either.