Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tag, I'm It

I was tagged for the MEME by The Persian. The rules have something to do with listing 6 things that are weird about you or make you weird to other people. There also something about stating the rules clearly which I am obviously failing to do. I have a cold and don’t feel well so this is as much excitement that I can muster. Jim don’t take it personally.

1. I am obsessed with stray hairs in my eyebrows. If I look up and see an eyebrow hair that is not in place or growing astray I have to either cut it or pluck it immediately.

2. I am really sensitive to sounds. There are certain noises I find so annoying that I will start to have an anxiety attack if I have to listen to them any longer than a minuet. They include a ticking clock, gum being cracked, wheezing, fingernail clippers, and a pen being clicked.

3. I am allergic to apples, but I can eat them if they are cooked. This is something that I don’t think is weird, however everyone I tell usually says some thing like, “How can you be allergic to apples?” Which will prompt the response, “How the fuck would I know?”

4. I love the smell of nail polish remover. When I was little I would sit and talk to my mother when she “doing” her nails just so I could smell the remover.

5. I don’t like being touched while I’m sleeping. Every time I’ve had a new boyfriend I have asked them not to touch me while I’m sleeping because I have a habit of elbowing people in my sleep. This isn’t a conscious action. No matter how many times I explain to partner they always forget, that is until they elbowed it the gut.

6. I will eat tripe, octopus, squid, intestine, but the thought of eating boiled potatoes makes me feel sick.

I think I am supposed to virtually tag six other people, ah yeah I’m not gonna do that that either.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger The Persian said...

Thanks for doing it Scott :)

1)I have bushy eyebrows full of strays. I've even named a couple of them! hehe

3)Strange how you are allergic to apples until cooked. Whatever it is in them, cooking must eradicate it.

4. Who doesn't?? I get a little buzz from it.

5) I'll have to remember to bring duct tape so when you are asleep you can't "elbow me in the gut" while I'm touching you *wink*

At 11:39 AM, Blogger David said...

You're the weirdest person that ever lived. Ever. In the entire world. Times infinity.


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