Tuesday, November 14, 2006

E Meet the Family, Family Meet E

I keep promising that I am going to blog more, but I don't seem to find the time. Actually it's more like I find me self sitting in front of my computer looking "art" pictures of the male form.

So what's been happening with me? Well first let me say it's very nice of you to ask. Last week the E came to dinner at my sister's house with my family to celebrate my mother's birthday. It was the first time any of them had met.

Things at dinner went well, as I expected they would. E however was less optimistic about the outcome and was a bit nervous. That was due partly to the fact that I told when a person is new to the family they are always asked to say grace before dinner, so it might be a good idea that he have something prepared. Not only is he Buddhist, but also he knows nothing about Christianity the prospect of having to say grace immediately sent him into a panic. I completely forgot to tell him that it was a joke until he sent me an instant message with what he planned to say. Yes, I'm a bad boyfriend.

Most the evening the E kept himself busy doing what ever my sister told him to do. He was very happy keeping a watchful eye over the boiling pasta and chopping tomatoes for a salad. With twice the older sisters as me he isbegin be beign told what to do.

There was only one uncomfortable moment, when my grandmother asked him if he liked hockey. He looked unsure how to answer her, like he was thinking if he said yes she would have been said something rude or even worse invited him over for my grandmother's two favorite things a Bruins game and a highball. He told her the truth that he didn't know any thing about hockey and he wouldn't be able to hold his liquor the same way she could. Unfazed she turned to my father to tell him that she would prefer it if next Sunday he would keep his homily a bit shorter Mass is only supposed to be 45 minutes for the third time.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger The Persian said...

Your grandmother watches Hockey and drinks?? Wow!

At 11:21 AM, Blogger David said...

It all sounds delightful to me.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

I met Joel's family for the first time this on Thurs. I was much the same...nervous as a whore in church...but I got through it in one piece.


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