Monday, March 12, 2007

Never Good Enough

Today in the men’s room at my office I walk out of a stall to wash my hands. At the same time a coworker walks away from the urinal to wash his hands. We arrive that sinks at the same time. We start to wash our hands.

When I think I am done I look over at my coworker who must be performing surgery with the way he is washing. He makes me feel guilty. I keep washing after all I did come out of a stall and he was only at that urinal. There is no way I am leaving with him thinking I left the restroom with unclean hands.

I look over at him. He looks at me then down. He scrubs faster. I scrub faster. He gets more soap. I get more soap. This goes on for at least two minutes. My fingers start to prune.

Then I break. I concede and reach for a paper towel. I walk back into the office with a heavy head my hands will never be as clean as his.