Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jr. Extra Sauce

I love Greek boys who make roast beef sandwiches.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger EGL said...

Who needs roast beef? I just love Greek boys...and French, Spanish, Russian, English, American, Canadian, oh who am I kidding, give me a prick and a pulse and I'm happy!

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Scott E D said...

I know what you mean. There are a lot of Greek's here who own restaurants that serve roast beef sandwiches.

I went to one for lunch. Two guys who work there are just damn cute, it's hard for me to keep from staring.

I felt they deserved their own shout out. :)

At 4:09 PM, Blogger David said...

I like the Arab boys that serve falafel.

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Atari_Age said...

You did a good service, Scott! Some of them can be fucking lookers. Not that I go there for the view.


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