Monday, November 14, 2005

It’s Time for Androgyny

There is a new person working in my office. Last week I heard people talking about a new hire who's name starts M. M has a woman's name.

Here is where I am confused. I was in the lunch room today putting my lunch together there was also another person in the room who I didn't know. We said hello to each other exchanged pleasantries, but I couldn't tell if this person was male or female.

Normally I would have just said, "Oh are you M? I'm Scott nice to meet you." Under the circumstances of not knowing the gender of this person I didn't want to risk it. He/She looked like he/she could take me in a fight. At 6’5” I try to look tough, but it’s just an act.

MA is the land of the lesbian, but they make it so damn hard to tell. Fifty percent of the time I am wrong about who is a lesbian and who isn’t. On Friday I saw an HRC sicker on a car in the parking lot. I hadn’t see the car before so I was hoping it belonged to M, it wasn’t a Subaru so again I am confused.


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