Monday, October 24, 2005


My old roommate is a big fat piece of shit. Not only is he filthy he's a fucking liar.

Every fag within a 25 mile radius of where we used to live knows him. They know every tragic bit of his sad pathetic Fatass life in detail.

Fatass has a sad puppy story about how his mother died and how hard it was for him. How she was his best friend. Now anyone with a hart would feel for him, however he uses her death as a crutch. He tells every one this story so they will feel bad for him. Not only does he need help to get over this mother’s death. But hello she was his best friend, if your mother is your best friend you need counseling.

Fatass will tell you how his father threw him out of the house after his mother’s death. The part he leaves out is Fatass wasn’t happy with his fathers new girlfriend. Instead of discussing it with is father like a normal person, he would simply ignore his father in his own house. Fatass would have only had to have pulled that shit with me once before he found all his belonging on the front yard. Fatass was 26 and making a shit load of money when this happened, it was more then time for him to move out.

After we had signed our lease he started to beg me to have sex with him. Mixing sex with roommates is never a good idea, regardless of his repulsive girth. After he realized no actually means no he stopped talking to me. We lived together for almost 9 months with barely a word between us.

Any new gay men I met had similar stories about him. Fatass would beg people to have sex with him when they refused, he would bad mouth them to anyone that would listen. The rumors Fatass would start would eventually get back to the person he lied about. He would always be confronted but it never stopped him. I can’t understand why anyone didn’t kick his ass before.
Today I found out that a guy he was hanging out with and tying to sleep with was actually interested in me. Fatass told the guy that I was talking shit about him. This makes no scene at all, because I met the guy for about 5 minutes. I would have no reason to say anything about him let alone something bad.

Because God is good I am the one with the last laugh again. I just whish I had Fatass’ phone number so I could call and tell him I bagged another guy that wouldn’t let him touch them with gloves on let alone naked.


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Chox said...

Don't you hate gay drama?

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Darin said...

I lived with a FAT ASS FAGGOT for about 9 months. It was incredible the shit that I would later find out he was saying about me.

It was utterly disgusting to be walking by his bedroom, door closed and hear his girlish whimpers as he was takin' it up the pooper. He totally sounded like Morgan Fairchild crying in some late 80's NBC Movie of the Week.

He's an ass.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger sixshooter said...

I know one now ... I cannot stand his FATASS either ...

he's always in everybody's business and making up stories about guys he works with sleeping with him (and trust me, everyone knows they didn't)

plus now he's always bringing his damn-ass bf to work and he just hangs out ... it's total bullshit

why can't people just be normal?

At 2:14 PM, Blogger David said...

I think I'm cheering for you, but I'm just not sure.


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