Monday, September 11, 2006


I started to write what happened to me on 9/11, where I was, what I was doing, how I felt. It all felt more self indulgent than I'd like to be on a day that so many people are mourning the lost of loved ones.

In short on 9/11 I lived in West Hollywood, CA I didn't think that something that happened 3,000 miles from my adopted home with have touched me the way it did, but the planes did take of from the place I've lived most of my life.

When you remember today please remember Jay Corcoran. He was a passenger United Airlines flight 175. Jay was a merchant marine traveling to Los Angeles for work. He is survived by his wife and two teenage children. He was only 44.

Jay is my aunt's (my mother's sister-in-law) brother-in-law. I had met him a couple of times at parties that were held by our relatives that connected us. Though I didn't know him well he is the person that think of most today.


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