Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Serenity Now!

As it turns out there is a woman in my office that has the same type of infection that I do. She has had it for almost 2 months. According to her doctor it’s a new type of infection that is antibiotic resistant and is highly contagious. It’s called MSRA the more I read about it the scary it is.

When I went to the office and saw the nurse practitioner she told me to make sure I called the office if the rash I have didn’t get better. It didn’t. Friday morning called the office to speak with her she wasn’t in and I got a call back from the doctor. He told me that I probably had a virus even though he never saw me. I told him the nurse told me was staph and that I have been exposed to staph. He thought it would be best if I just kept taking the medicine that was prescribed for me and not bother him any longer.

Monday I called the office again to speak to the nurse practitioner and the again the doctor called me back. For the second time I went over what was going on with me. He told me he would have the nurse call me back because she was the person who saw me with a tone that related he couldn’t be bothered. What he failed to tell me was she wouldn’t be in until Wednesday (tomorrow), which I had to find out when I called for the third time today (Tuesday).

I have made some phone calls but I can’t find a doctor that will see me before the time the nurse is back in the office or I wouldn’t even bother with her.


At 3:28 PM, Blogger David said...

Dump his ass and find a new doctor, stat.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Atari_Age said...

Is it spreading? Did they test to confirm that was the organism?

Real MRSA infections - well any Staph aureus infection that takes hold - should not be ignored. Methacillin-resistant ones are worse because there are less antibiotic options but, in either case, it should be treated.

If you feel it's really getting worrisome - consider going to the ER. I know, I hate the ER too.


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