Thursday, September 07, 2006

Off Point

Hey everybody Pat Buchanan has a new book out titled State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America. Now before you run to your local Borders or Barns and Noble to buy the book I must warn you it’s a bit racist. You’re shocked, right?

Yesterday on WBUR’s program On Point ol’ Pat was interviewed and discussed his new book. Now I must admit I had turn it off half way through the conversation because my throat was sore from yelling at the radio. Below I have pasted in some his quotes from the program that are posted on WBUR’s site and I will only discuss what I was able to make it t.

It seems Pat has been kept awake nights thinking about the counties “immigration crisis”. The problem isn’t just people coming into the country illegally the problem is people coming into the country and simply refusing to assimilate to American culture. He argued that a new wave of immigrants have come to the US who are not interested in being American nor do they want their children to be American, they just came here for all the great things we have here like say free health care and our amazingly generous welfare system. Oh right we don’t have those to things, maybe they are actually coming here because the US offers them something they couldn’t hope to attain in their home countries like free speech and a chance for economic freedom, just like Buchanan’s may have.

He is afraid we have let so may Mexican’s into the country who wont assimilate that we are in danger of loosing the whole southwest to become part of Mexico again. You see all of these Mexicans are doing things like speaking Spanish in public and eating far too much paella, things you just shouldn’t do as an American. There are just so many of them they don’t have a need to learn to speak English, which of course means they will eventually want to takeover all forms of Government secede from the Union and become part of Mexico. I hope that gave you the laugh I got from it.

He also seen immigrants marching or demonstrating while flying the flags of their national origin and they shouldn’t be. He feels the melting pot is broken and assimilation is what is needed more then anything to preserve our great way of life.

Of course he didn’t mention having a problem with St. Patrick’s Day or Columbus Day when the Irish and Italians Americans respectively come out in droves to celebrate their ethnic pride with parades flying flags of the foreign countries of their heritage. Guess what Pat, most of these people are 4th and 5th generation American and have never stepped counties they are claiming an affiliation with, and do you think they pose a threat for the same reasons? Should they be deported too?

In my part of the US when you ask someone what their nationality is they don’t answer American. It doesn’t matter how when their ancestors to the US, when asked they will invariably give you a list of their ethnic background or the one they most identify with culturally. Should we deport all of these people as well to fully assimilate?

He went on to suggest that our country needs to stop all immigration now to give the people already here time to properly assimilate to US customs. After their assimilation is complete we should only take in people from countries that mirror our own in culture, ethnic make up, and religion. Loosely translated Pat only wants white Christians coming here. One would argue that we should be open to the countries neighboring our south but the there is a race problem. Apparently because most of South and Central America is made of Mestizo people they are simply incapable of understanding how we do things here in the US even though they meet the qualifications he had already set for immigration.

It seems the Spanish weren’t as successful getting rid of the native peoples in rest of the Americas as the English were. As a consequence of a poor policy toward ethnic cleansing they won’t be allowed to immigrate into the US.

Another point about why we should keep the Mexicans out is they are taking jobs from mostly Black Americans who are lined up in some unknown location waiting for jobs working in the fields picking crops. He likened these immigrants to union busters and scabs crossing picket lines. You heard it right he is a pro-labor pro-black Republican. This is about where I had to turn it off.

I don’t know why WBUR would give platform to this horrible hatemonger. I would agree that it’s important to hear both sides of an argument but having to listen to Pat Buchanan talk about immigration is as useful as asking KKK for advice to help improve American race relations.

Quotes from the program:

"The immediate threat is the spanishization of the American Southwest." Pat Buchanan

"I see increasingly a bifurcated [American] nation." Pat Buchanan

"Millions of these people [today's immigrants] are not coming to be Americans but to work." Pat Buchanan

"Any troublemaker including those leading a political demonstration who is not an American citizen I would deport." Pat Buchanan


At 6:41 AM, Blogger Will said...

I don't toss words like this around carelessly, but he's a truly vile creature. And not just for this issue.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger David said...

He was probably on WBUR for the same reasons that Bill O'Reilly has appeared on The Daily Show. Did they challenge him at all or was it just a platform for him to spew?

At 7:18 PM, Blogger Scott E D said...

Tom Ashbrook the host did challenge him, but I don't feel he was strong enough. Pat just like O'Reilly is a master at turning the tables on a facilitator who doesn’t agree with him to become the victim himself. I don’t find it informative or productive to give a platform for something so obviously hateful.


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