Friday, December 30, 2005

Tales of a West Hollywood Drop Out Part 1

It was Josh’s big night. He was being awarded a big scholarship for the third year program at FIDM. FIDM is only a two-year school. Only a few students were selected for the third year program. The cost for the third year was twice as much as the previous two years combined. The year is much more intense and gives more practical industry experience.

Josh’s scholarship was from Federated Department Stores. He had really worked hard for it, and more then that he deserved it for the way he had been treated working at the Macy’s Men’s Store in the Beverly Center. Being able to make out with the hot clientele in the dressing room didn’t make up for being treated like a slave.

Our apartment was a buzz with activity. I could feel the excitement in the air. Just to have an event to wear a suit to was exciting for me. At home in Boston I would have an occasion to wear a suit almost every other month. Living in LA if you showed up to anything in a suit people looked at you strangely. Even when I went to the theater almost everyone was in jeans.

While was tying my tie I could hear Josh arguing with Chris about what Chris was wearing. Josh didn’t think he looked dressed up enough. Sometimes Chris blurred the line between fabulous and outrageous, but not tonight. He wanted everything to be perfect for Josh. He knew not to protest.

As usual Josh was the last to be ready. Chris and I were sitting in the living room having a beer when Josh had his entrance. Josh never simply entered a room. His entrance was an event in it self.

He looked flawless in his Calvin Klein tuxedo. It fit his runway model build as if it was tailor made for him. His modeling career never took of but off, but tonight he looked like he was born for the runway.

The hair was exceptional. Chris’s work was genius. Earlier that afternoon Chris gave Josh the most perfect highlights. Before they stated dating Josh’s hair was always a little orange. He insisted on using some Miss Clairol do-it-your-self product. The results were always tragic and never came close to looking like the box. You can take the girl or of Camarillo but you can’t take the Camarillo out of the girl. All that was behind him, tonight he was a sun kissed blonde that women would kill for.

You could see on Josh’s face he hadn’t slept much the night before. Not worry, though one more trip to bathroom. It wasn’t anything Josh’s Chanel compact couldn’t handle. Cover up was a gay man's best friend.

Finally we were all ready. Chris called us a taxi we were close to being on time. Down walked down to the lobby. One last check in the floor to ceiling mirrors, everything was in place. I couldn’t help but think we looked like the gay Charlie’s Angels. And our mission was to right the fashion wrongs of the world.

Our taxi whisked us away to the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Many times I had drove past the hotel but I had never been in side. Inside the lobby was a flurry of activity. There were air kisses for everyone. I was so excited. It was a long way from Lynn, MA.

We met up with Josh’s mother and her husband. Josh said his hellos then left to find the area he was supposed to watch the show from. The rest of us went into the ballroom to get seats. We found a place right up front. Two minutes later Chris already looked bored.

The show started. I spent most of my time on the edge of my seat. There was one particular dress that stood out from all of the rest. It was a brown cocktail dress with a silk bodice and a velvet balloon skirt. Half way down the runway the model pulled a ribbon from the back of the dress. The skirt fell open to a full-length gown. The crowed gasped then cheered.

After the fashion show portion of the program the awards were handed out. Josh received his scholarship. His mother’s face was beaming with pride. You could tell she was never sure he would ever get to this point, but he had. She didn’t have to worry about him finding direction anymore.

When presentation was over the house lights came back on. We found our way back to the lobby. Chris and I chatted politely with Josh’s mother as we waited for Josh. When he came back she apologized because they needed to leave. It is a long drive back to Ventura and her husband didn’t like driving that far at night.

I was ready to get the hell out of there too. It was time for a drink. Josh looked at us and said,” Ok, the next show starts in about 45 minutes.”

“The next show?” both Chris and I asked together.

“Yeah the next show. I told you there were two presentations, one at 7 and one at 9.”

I don’t know who Josh had told there was going to be two shows but it wasn’t either of us. This was typical of him. When he wanted you to do something for him and he thought there may be a chance you wouldn’t do what he wanted, he would just leave out major details. Details like you need to be here for 5 hours instead of 2 you were expecting.

Josh told us he had to go talk to a few people from Federated who gave him the scholarship. We were to meet him in the same place after the second show.

When Josh was out of ear shot Chris said,” Girl, I ain’t sitting through that again.”

“Ok then.”

“Comon, let’s get a drink”

“Good idea!”

We sat at the hotel bar. It gave us view of the whole lobby. The bartender came right over. Chris ordered us two Buds. Chris was a cheap date in Gucci shoes. Something I loved and hated him for at the same time. He cold be so unpretentious with some things, but not with others. His mother usually paid his gold card. He had very little concept of how much things really cost.

The forty-five minutes went by while we sat and made fun of the other people at the bar. We tried to guess who was there to meet a high-priced call girl. Chris and I made up back-stories for half the people in the bar. In the end we decided there were only two who were really there to pay for sex. I always felt bad for straight men. Never could I imagine having to pay for it.

A twinge of Catholic made me suggest we go back in, Chris suggested another beer. He didn’t think Josh would notice us not being there. I still felt guilty, but only for a second.

People coming out of the ballroom told us the second show was over. In the time we sat at the bar we had managed to put away 4 beers each. We were feeling good.

We met Josh in the lobby. He didn’t say a word about us not being there. Chris started kiss him. That was a dead give away. Chris was never affectionate in public. Josh new we spent the last to hour getting drunk. He tired not to show his disappointment that we were having fun with out him.

Josh was hungry so he suggested Numbers for dinner. God, I hated that place, but they loved it. If I protested I would have been out voted so I just let concentrated on how good I was feeling. We got a taxi and were on our way.


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