Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Great Aunt Sis

My great Aunt Sis died last week at age 76. She was buried yesterday and waked on Monday. Sis was my grandmother’s only sibling. She has three daughter’s, two grandsons and one great grandson.

She had been sick with cancer for the past few years, my family knew the end was near. The cancer was causing her quite a bit of pain, she had been moved into a hospice. As trite as it sounds, she is truly in a better place now.

Sis had a great sense of humor, she always seemed to be laughing. With that in mind I’d like to share with you some high points of the services.

At the first sound of people coming into the funereal home my grandmother shot up and looked at my aunt.

“Get up we got customers!”

The priest who officiated over the funereal was more flamboyant Nathan Lane in the Bird Cage. He was wearing about as much make up and a horrible, horrible toupee.

“Isn’t pride a sin?”

“Not when your Fr. Drag Queen.”

All of the woman in my family have been blessed with child bearing hips. The fact that doorway to the Ladies Room door was six inches wider then the Men’s room didn’t go unnoticed.

The narrow flimsy folding chairs worried us all.

"Move over to this one I need to sit on the end."

"I'm 280 I'll be shocked it that holds."

If hell exists at least we'll all be there together.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger David said...

My Grandmother would call my Mom "sis." That brought back memories.


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