Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wicked Pissah!!

I found this great site that has a list of Boston terminology. It's friggen' awesome.

Reading this lists reminds of when I first moved to LA. It came time for to reregister my car it took a 20 minute conversation for me to figure out it's called the DMV and not the Registry as it is in Mass. Some times I would forget my self at Buzz coffee shop and order a regular regular. At Dunk's a regular regular is a medium coffee with cream and sugar in it. See, here they put the cream and sugar in the coffee for you so you don't spill it all over your self when you try to get the cover off and put it back on again.

I hate you Starbucks.

And they are jimmies not fucking sprinkles.

Here are a few of my favorites and one they forgot to add.**

Your uncle's wife.

All set
When one is done or ready. "As in when a waitress brings your food and asks 'Now, y'all set?' or when you're ready to leave, 'I'm all set tah go.'
(some one actully said this to me to me when we were done having sex.)

American chop suey
Has nothing to do with Chinese food (then again, only in Boston do Chinese restaurants serve French rolls): Macaroni with hamburg, a little tomato sauce and a bit of onion and green pepper.

You can serve them mashed, or whipped or boiled

Make an abrupt left turn (see hook for the right-turn equivalent): "He went to bang a left and take a uey but lost control." For more normal turns, the appropriate word is "hang."

What you deposit trash in.

That's a water fountain to you, bub.

Adjective meaning "very upset," as in: "So, I was running to catch the T, and the driver closed the door on me and drove away. I was so mad - I was bullshit."

Calm ya livva
Cool your jets.

Can't get
Can get. Anexample of the negative positive in Boston English: "Let's go see if we can't get yoah cah fixed."

What you use to wheel your groceries around at the Stah Mahket

Where you bring your clothes to be Mahtinized. You'll never actually hear anybody say the word, but there are still any number of dry cleaners named "Such and such Cleansers".

Coffee regulah
Coffee with some cream and two sugahs.

Down cella
The part of the house under the first floor: "Go down cella and get me some b'daydas."

Rubber bands. Properly pronounced "lastics."

A beeah bash.

A milkshake or malted elsewhere, it's basically ice cream, milk and chocolate syrup blended together.

The numbah aftah thihdy-nine.

Traffic tie-up caused by people looking at an accident on the other side of the road (or sometimes at excessively enthusiastic human billboards).

Tomato sauce. Primarily heard in the over-40 set in East Boston.

Half moon
Pastry known as "Black and Whites" elsewhere.

Here ya go
When a waiter or waitress states the obvious - what they say when they put food in front of you.

Hot box
Stolen car.

Jah eeet.**

Did you Eat?

Those little chocolate thingees you ask the guy at the ice-cream store to put on top of your cone. The multi-colored ones are "sprinkles."

An uncooked egg.

A bun stuffed with some sort of seafood salad, for example, a "lobsta roll." Often served on Massachusetts frankfurt buns, which look like they've been turned inside out (i.e., the outside of the bun is as white as the inside).

A traffic circle. One of Massachusetts' two main contributions to the art of traffic regulation (the other being the red-and-yellow pedestrian-crossing light).

The day after Friday.

Yes, as in: "Wanna go downa Cape this weekend? Shoe-ah!"

So don't I
An example of the Massachusetts negative positive. Used like this:
"I just love the food at Kelly's.""Oh, so don't I!"

Crazy, bold, daring: "You're soft for questioning the professah."

Meal served around 6 p.m.

Yes, as in: "Wanna go downa Cape this weekend? Shoe-ah

Wanna go?
"Let's step outside to the parking lot and settle this like real men."

What's doin'?
How are you?

A general intensifier; very: "He's wicked nuts!"


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Amazing! You nailed them all. :) Brings me back.


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