Monday, September 26, 2005


Hey angel
Fly over
And bless me
See you feign surprise,
I'm all eyes
You're all you
Need to be.
These words remind me of what it's like to love someone that doesn't love you back. How badly it still hurts when you see that person again nearly 10 years later with his new wife. How you thought to yourself it's not insane to be driving by his house at midnight on a Monday.

When I was young this all seemed to make sense to me. The older I get the less it does. It's stranger how these memories can come crashing back to you when the DJ on the car radio makes a comment about an 'old school' indie band from DC. "Jawbreaker no no that's not it..." "Jawbox," I scream as I pull into my driveway on a Monday.


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