Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My friend Nicole had this posted on her blog which she got from another friend of hers. Because I just started my blog I thought this would be a good place to start.

10 Years Ago

Ten years ago marked my first year of being gay. Now, I was born gay and have always been gay but this was the beginning of me doing something about it. It was also the end of two years of self imposed celibacy. This year marked the end of a long struggle of trying to be something I wasn't.

I also got my first "big boy" job. I had left music retail (yes, I was one of those smug jerks that would growl at you when you told me how great the latest Billy Joel release was (yes I still think Billy Joel sucks ass, and not in a good way)) to work for Anthem Electronics. Anthem was the most conservative company I have ever worked for, it was a cross between Office Space and the Firm. So much corporate bureaucracy and very own TPS report.

We sold semi conductors, no one gets excited about semi conductors with good reason. The dress code was white shirts only. The color restrictions applied to the hiring practice as well, Anthem was full upper middle class ex-jocks none of the sales guys were ugly, NONE. There were more tasseled loafers then the law should allow in that pace it was a preppy fashion nightmare. A fellow employee actually made a joke by saying "Hey, you're from Lynn you must have knifeife." Being the consummate diplomat I replied, "No, but I have a gun." It was the type of place where management could tell gay jokes with out having to worry about any complaints. Being young newly out I was to afraid to stand up for myself, which will never happen again. Anthem was bought by Arrow which ended up being a huge resume builder and working for them was the catalyst for my move to Los Angeles.

Five Years Ago
Living in West Hollywood and for the most part, loving it. I had been in LA for four years.

Fashion School and fabulousness.

It was the first time that I was out to every one I knew. It was also the first time in my life most of my friends were gay. I learned the importance of being fabulous (I thought I was already fabulous but in Boston this measured much differently), designer drugs, and brunch. Brunch is the most important meal of the week. Why? It is the best excuse be drunk by noon.

So, many great new friends.

Finally I was far away, from the narrow minded blue collar Catholic ideology that been ruling most of my life. Funny how the thing you run from find you when you least expect it.

2000 also the worst career move ever!! I know I should just get over it already but I cTnÂ’t. I was working for a company that I watched grow and really loved despite what was happening to it. As hokey as it sounds I really felt like a had a home there. I took a job that was a move up for me, it ended up being my down fall. Because of office politics, bad management, and my own bad judgment I quit. Pride is a bitch!

One Year Ago

You're Fired! Thank God! I took a job at Mac Directory, I was so happy to get fired, because if I quit I wouldn't be able to collect unemployment. The four people that were hired before me all lasted about the same amount of time as I did. Next time I get a bad feeling about a company I will run quickly.

I was living in Salem, MA in a great apartment about a half a block from Pickeringwharff. Salem is such a great little town,restaurantss, my favorite bar on the north shore and it's where the gays are sprawling to.

I will never under stand what would make a city so deep with history would allow TV Land to put a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery in a public park. None of the residents I know wanted it.

It was a great apartment with a horrible roommate, another lesson learned.

I hate my really job (see a pattern developing). Spent most of my day reading on line when I should have been making phone calls.

I thought about what it would be like to marry Eric and live happily ever after.

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk. (New England has the highest per capita intake of Ice Cream, LA has the lowest.
2. Big Kat

3. Fried Ice Cream
4. Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
5. Ho Ho's

5 Songs I Know All The Words To
I actually know the words to entire albums, so that is what I am listing and the list could go on and on and on, so I am going to name 10.
1. Blind Man's Zoo 10,000 Maniacs
2. Porcelain Julia Fordham
3. Pretty Hate Machine Nine Inch Nails
4. The Trinity Sessions Cowboy Junkies
5. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me the Cure (both album and CD versions the album has one more song on it then the CD.)

6. I've never loved a man the way that I love you Aretha Franklin
7. Strange ways here we come the Smiths
8.Rattlel and Hum U2
9. Green REM
10.Absolutelyy everything that Madonna has ever released.

If I Had A Million Dollars ...
For the purpose of this survey I will be assuming that I don't have to pay taxes on the money. If I had to pay the taxes my self I would only afford to buy a house.

1. Start a non profit that will provide needy woman with job training.
2. Live bicoastal, but not bisexual.
3. Travel.
4. Buy a custom Trek.
5. Try to figure out a way to restart Palotta Team Works as a not for profit.

5 Things I like to do
1. Making out!
2. Sing loudly
3. Watching independent movies.
4. Listen to old CDs
5. Cycling

Five Bad Habits
1. Impatience
2. Road Rage (Driving in Boston is taking your life in your own hands.)
3. Judgmental
4. Horrible with money
5. Eat to much junk food

5 Things I Will Never Wear Again
1. Tighty Whities
2. Concealer (Hello I lived in West Hollywood)
3. My bathrobe to the mall (My sister loves to tell this story, this is the only place I will every cop to it)4. Plaid Doc Martin Boots
5. Poor quality shoes

Five Favorite Toys
1. My Bike
2. My IPod
3. My Laptop
4. Wet
5. My Penis :)


At 6:07 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

Hey sweetie! I look forward to reading your blogging! Wet and your penis being some of your favorite toys is hysterical.


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