Friday, September 02, 2005

Hey France, Mange Merde!!

Once again Lance Armstrong has prevailed after being accused of doping by the French sports daily L'Equipe. L'Equipe tested samples of urine that were taken from Lance in '99.

Are you kidding me??

Lance is the most tested athlete in professional sports he has never ever tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. He has won the Tour de France for the past 7 years, and during each race he has had to defend himself against similar accusations. In this
SI article Lance is defended by the governing body of cycling.

Lance has come back to win 7 straight Tours after beating testicular cancer. He is a inspiration and hero to many Americans and other cycling fans (even in France). Lance has single handedly brought cycling to the forefront in the US. He has raised millions for cancer research and proven not all Texans lie.

Shame on you L'Equipe!


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