Thursday, July 06, 2006

Independence and Sex

The love the 4th of July. Celebrating our countries independence in one of it's oldest cities is something not everyone get's to do, but they should do it once. Bostonian's take this holiday very seriously.

Every year my friend Sue and her family have a tailgate party at an office building in Cambridge. The party is always a mixture of her family, extended family, new and old friends, and friends of friends. When I lived away I missed this party like I now miss Halloween in LA.

I don't get to see these people very often which makes this party even more special. They always serve more food and beer then everyone can eat or drink. About and hour before the fireworks we walk up to the Longfellow Bridge to watch the fireworks display. After the fireworks back to the lot for another sandwich while the traffic dies down.

Sue and her husband have been together for 10 years. I gave her my congratulations and told her how jealous was she had a great relationship, while I was still single. She explained it wasn't as great as it looks 'cause every time you want to have sex you just look at him and think, "That again?". So much for love.

When we left Sue was our designated driver. While driving with my friends after a couple of drinks, I feel the need to point out the places in the city where I have had sex.

"Hey, I've had sex in that hotel."

"Oh, I've heard it's nice there, how was it?"

"It was better then nice. It was great, too bad he lives in Dallas."

"I meant the hotel, Scott."

“Oh, I don’t remember.”


At 10:44 AM, Blogger David said...

The down side of being a top, eh? We bottoms have a grand view of the lighting fixtures, the moldings, wallpaper, etc.

At 7:34 AM, Blogger Will said...

Hey, it's a nice compliment to Dallas Guy that you don't remember anything but him.


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